Wine tours

Tumuñan produces world class fine wines from it’s spectacular mountain vineyard.

Our tour is unique and involves a trail along the banks of the Tumuñan stream and an introduction to the skills needed to grown quality grapes in the at times challenging mountain climate. This is followed by a generous tasting with the owner of 3 different wines

Cost $22,000. (Duration 2 hours)

We also offer tastings by the glass and have gift shop.


In the area there are self guided hiking trails from 1km to 10km long through picturesque mountain scenery.

Fly fishing

The best fly fishing in central Chile is just a few kilometers from the lodge. We will be happy to explain how to access the best places. Please Contact us for more information.

We offer guided excursions with equipment:

Cost: $100,000 pesos per person. Duration: 4 hours



Take a relaxing horse ride adventure to explore the beautiful views of the Tumuñan Valley from the property and the surrounding. We will happily put you in contact with locals who can help you plan your day trip. 

Outdoor activities:

Lagoon with waterfall, rivers, underground caverns