• Viña Casa Silva

    Viña Casa Silva, San Fernando, Chile .

    Viña Casa Silva has the oldest wine cellar in the Colchagua Valley. Beneath its traditional and historic facade, however, is one of Chile’s most modern wine facilities.

    Located on a century-old estate in Angostura, it is equipped with the latest technology, barrel rooms with the perfect conditions for aging wines, and a specially outfitted sector for small vinifications. It also has historic tunnels below ground and a beautiful collection of antique cars. It is open year round for visits and wine tastings.

  • Laguna del Encanto

    Estero la Gloria, San Fernando, O´Higgins .

    The “Del Encanto” pool is a freshwater lagoon, with a depth of about 8 meters and its diameter is approximately a little more than 20 meters. It has a 15 meter high waterfall.

    Entry : 3000 CLP per person

    Facilities: Bathrooms and drinking water in the camping area. There are no facilities in the lagoon

  • Cavernas y Laguna del Encanto

    Libertador General Bernardo OʼHiggins → El Llano .

    90 km of caverns near the Laguna del Encanto.

  • Viña Tumuñan

    Colonia Salesiana, La Rubiana, El Llano, LI .

    Enjoying the Pre - Cordillera and its activities, together with our products, will be an unforgettable trip. At Viña Tumuñan you can find native organic wine from the area, as well as tours and pairings throughout the year.