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Located in the Pre - Cordillera de San Fernando, Chile. Viña Tumuñan delivers a unique product, its geographical position places it as the highest-altitude vineyard in the area, with pure air and an environment free of environmental contamination. Our vines are hydrated with water that comes down directly from the Andes Mountains and harvested by local families, through colonial practices that are passed down from generation to generation. With a sense of belonging, we deliver autochthonous wines from the Colchagua Valley, produced through responsible organic agriculture that uses the natural resources of the macroenvironment to have a unique sustainable product of its kind.

Viña Tumuñan

Our vineyard is one of the highest in the Colchagua Valley located more than 700m above sea level. The nearby Andes Mountains bring fresh, clean water rich in minerals to the vineyard in a pristine environment. The unique terroir in Tumuñan allows us to produce surprising wines of the highest quality.

Tour our vineyard and immerse yourself in the nature found in the valley. Afterwards, do a tasting with 3 wines learning about the history of each one from grape to bottle.

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