Welcoming entrance to the Tumuñan Property.

Tumuñan Lodge and Winery were founded in 2006 by William Evelyn, who upon arriving in high Colchagua, fell in love with the region's breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and exquisite wines. Enchanted by the majestic Andes towering over forested hills and clear streams, William envisioned creating a sanctuary where guests could immerse themselves in the natural beauty and rich heritage of Chile.

Hidden away in the forested foothills of the Andes, Tumuñan Lodge offers guests from all over the world a year round retreat and the rare opportunity to explore an un-touched part of Chile.

Just a 2-hour drive south of Santiago that takes you through vinyards and past remarkable views of the central Andes, this family run mountain haven caters for those in need of rest and relaxation, to the more adventurous travelers who can enjoy unique days of hiking, horse-riding and fly fishing in the unrivalled Chilean countryside.

The property offers long-term stays, including a 4-bedroom house, a 2-bedroom cabin, and a 3-bedroom cabaña. The fully equipped accommodations come with a pool, hot tub, and dining options. Guests have exclusive access to abundant trails, wine tours, and other activities. Book through the form or via WhatsApp.